"around the back barber shack"

 When you get a shave and haircut, you both look and feel better. We know, because we've been doing this for years. Hairstyle, and shaves, have become an art form to us. Every generation has it's own trend and fad... But the one fad that hasn't changed or passed is the good old fashioned local barber shop! It's the place you go to get cleaned up and chill with the guys. It's that first haircut/shave that defines your style. It's where boys grow up and fond memories are found. We understand how irreplaceable those experiences are. That's exactly the reason we started Mason & Binder Barbershop. We're around the back barber shack (Literally, you have to come thru the side gate). Come stop by for a haircut, shave, or just hang with the guys. Seeya at the barbershop!



"Refreshments included"


Consultation, Haircut, Outline, Neck shave, Shampoo, Style, and 7 Hot Towel shave.

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Haircut $32 (Kids cut $25)

Consultation, Haircut, Outline, Neck shave, Shampoo, and Style.


Signature Shave $35

7 Hot Towel Shave.


Shaping Facial Hair.


Consultation, Haircut, Outline, Neck shave, Beard trim.


Clean Up $15

Clean up around the ears and neck includes neck shave.